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TCUV (Toyota Certified-Used Vehicles)

  • Accurate Assessment of Vehicle Condition.
  • 203-pointInspection using Toyota Iphone application
  • Fair Price Value.
  • Low Financing Interest Rates.
  • 1 Year or 20,000 KM limited warranty.

1. Transparent and Fair Inspection Process

Our team of highly skilled accredited assessors have undergone hours of intensive training under a Japanese specialist for them to be able to conduct an inspection process based on a transparent standard of assessment for high sense of assurance.

2. Fair Trade-In Value

Trade-ins are assessed meticulously to provide you the best value for your vehicle.

3. Low Interest Financing

Because we would like you to have the same experience as buying a brand new vehicle, Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicles qualify for lower finance rates (similar to brand new rates) under TFS financing.

4. Rigorous Certification Process

Each vehicle undergoes a 203-point inspection process, making use of advanced technology to assess its condition. Strict TCPOV standards as well as specific criteria must be met in order for a vehicle to be certified.

5. Extended Warranty Protection

Every Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with an additional limited warranty for 12 months or 20,000 km, whichever comes first

6. The Certification Process

For a vehicle to be called "Certified", it must first pass the strict quality standards set by Toyota.

The criteria for a vehicle to pass certification are as follows:
Must be a Toyota vehicle

Must obtain a high overall inspection rating of 4 or above out of 5 (based on the 203-point checklist)

Must have a mileage of 60,000 km or less

Must be within 5 years after first registration

Must have no frame damage and is not a flooded vehicle

Must have not been purchased from the gray market (through used-car importation)

1-Year Extended Warranty
Because Toyota wants you to have the best after-sales experience, we provide each Toyota Certified Pre-owned vehicle an additional limited warranty covering engine and transmission for 12 months or 20,000 kms, whichever comes first

For inquires, please contact us at:
Telephone number: 8-846 - 7777 local 3801