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News and Events

September 2021

Toyota Global City partnered with the DENR Laguna conducted a Seedling donation last 24th of September 2021 held at Calauan, Laguna.
Six volunteer team members donated five hundred (500) grafted rambutan seedlings to the plant sanctuary of Calauan, Laguna.
We take part in building a cleaner environment through donating these fruit bearing plants and help the citizens of the Barangay as well.

June 2021


Toyota Global City in coordination with the Red Cross of the Philippines held an activity last 18 June 2021 with a theme "SAVE A LIFE"
Team members who showed interest in participating in this activity were mindful of the good benefits it may bring to them.
These volunteer team members are a true hero for giving a little share of their blood to the people they don't even know.
They are heroes and their blood saved a life.

As the Red Cross of the Philippine says "You don't need a medical degree to save a life, just a fair degree of humanity. Give blood, save life."

January - March 2019


1. EARTH HOUR - March 30, 2019 Toyota Global City, Inc.
TGC participated in the Earth Hour by switching off the lights from 8:00pm to 9:00pm in the entire dealer premises.

2. EDUCATIONAL TOUR - February 15, 2019, Toyota Global City, Inc.
21 Students from Manila Japanese School listened attentively to the speech and lecture of Mr. Ryo Kawashima, TGC's Special Assistant to the President as he shared to them TGC's environmental practices.

3. CLEAN-UP DRIVE - May 4, 2019, Baseco Beach, Manila.

We used to have an environment conducive for living, a place where we can nurture all available resources for the next generation. Nowadays, we can see a big difference from clean surroundings into a polluted environment. Resulting to environmental fiasco such as floods, climate change and pollution of air, water and land.

Knowing that the main cause of these problems are the wastes that are improperly thrown, Toyota Global City (TGC) and Toyota Pasong Tamo (TPT) conducted a clean-up drive activity last May 4, held in Baseco Beach, spearheaded by Christian Ian D. Lorica, the Environmental Management Head of TGC.

"As individuals who genuinely care for our environment, we conducted this activity to at least help in reducing the chance of environmental problems from growing. An action not only to reduce wastes in our surroundings but also to spark inspiration in other organizations to come up with the same activities to help clean and maintain a greener environment for us and for the next generation”, Lorica said.

4. TREE PLANTING - September 21,2019
Toyota Global City joins Toyota Motor Philippines' SYI or Start Your Impossible today, September 21, 2019, at Las Piñas-Paranaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area.
START YOUR IMPOSSIBLE (SYI) is a regional campaign, supporting the CSR advocacy of our Paralympic hero, Mr. Ernie Gawilan, to champion cleaner seas by staging the SYI National Coastal Clean-up and Mangrove Seed Planting Day.