Sa T-sure, Sure ka dito!

Looking for pre-owned cars? Dun ka na sa mapagkakatiwalaan! Sa T-Sure, quality and worry-free ang mga sasakyan at convenient ang transactions dito.

Why buy from T-Sure?

T-Sure vehicles go through a refurbishment process to further upgrade the quality of cars though T-Sure ProCare (professional cleaning & detailing service).
For customer’s piece of mind, each unit goes through Toyota’s 211-point inspection to ensure that the vehicles pass quality standards.
You have assurance of honest and accurate odometer reading (mileage).
Customers can choose from 3 products at different quality levels, price points, warranty coverage.
Avail of easy-to-own Financing schemes through Toyota Financial Services Philippines (TFSPH).
Units are widely available from T-Sure Retail Dealers nationwide.
Have a worry-free Transfer of Ownership & hassle-free LTO Registration Processing.
Customers can enjoy ease of ownership with Toyota’s in-house expert products and services.

Why Trade-in with T-Sure?

The old vehicle will undergo thorough assessment of a Toyota-certified Assessor using Toyota’s Standards, results of which will be fully explained to the customer to have full understanding of the vehicle condition.
The full transparency of the Assessment process will show the true value of the vehicle, and this assures the fair trade-in pricing. Customers may also get additional discounts/rebates for new vehicles purchases.
All of the document processing will be quick and hassle-free for the customer as T-Sure will handle everything such as Transfer of Ownership and LTO Registration.




Toyota's 211-point Inspection

Toyota’s 211-point Inspection is a systematic process of assessing a vehicle’s quality level, which becomes the basis for vehicle valuation or pricing for Toyota used cars. The inspection results also become a guide for necessary repair and conditioning if the vehicle will be retailed by T-Sure, prior selling to customers.

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